5 Important Facts About Carbs

1. How Many Carbs Does Our Body Need?

  • The answer is NONE – ZERO!
  • We need 20 essential amino acids and for that we need proteins.
  • We need minerals. (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, etc.)
  • We need vitamins.
  • There are NO essential carbs. We don’t need them. Our body will obtain the necessary blood sugars and carbs from fat and proteins.


  • There is no inner mechanism to stop eating them once you start.
  • It’s well known that there is a serious dependency to sodas and other refinded sugars.

3. There are no addictions to salami, eggs, pork chops and spinach. Why?

  • Because they are “real foods” and our body is fully capable of processing them.
  • We have an internal system that prevents us from overeating them.
    • Sorry I can’t win the 72 oz Steak Challenge in Texas

Conversely, why is it that we can’t stop eating crackers, ice cream, pop, chips and Pringles?


  • Our digestive system, our food processor, barely needs to work.
  • The rule of minimal effort, lots of energy, at low cost.
  • Our “reward center” in our brain is proud of us.
  • We are attracted to these “super fuels” even subconsciously.

5. The Culprit … Insulin!

  • Our level of blood sugar/carbs is very limited.
    • 100mg/dl = only 7 grams of sugar is circulating in our bodies at any given time.
    • When you consume carbs they rapidly turn into blood sugars.
    • We know that elevated blood sugars/diabetes damages our vital organs
    • Insulin, over simplified, is the delivery boy and has strict instructions.
      • Take the sugar out of the blood!
      • Put them in ALL THE CELLS OF THE BODY!

Did I say “ALL the cells of the body”? Yes … and that includes the fat cells.

Insulin forces sugar / energy into your fat cells.